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The Necessity For Creativity in 21stCentury Education

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.



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Thoughts and feelings from some of our students which you might enjoy.

With compliments from some of our lecturers


Alexander Woode,  Ghana, World Health Organisation.

"I wish to congratulate you and all your staff members in providing access  to a thoroughly relevant and  life changing programme of education for many non-governmental organisations.   I have many years of experience in education and non-profit organisations and I can conclude that your organisation is worthy of immense praise in its outstanding initiatives of cultural understanding and interpersonal communication. 

Your programme has obviously benefited and contributed immensely to intercultural dialogue, while also providing people with the skills to reach their full potential in the job market, socially and personally.  I cherish my participation  with the IFAE and wish you continued success in your honourable mission."


Teresa Shoosmith, Writer.

"...Meanwhile I've found the course tremendously helpful in my writing. To have an understanding of how society works - or doesn't work - and what makes people behave the way they do is invaluable, and it has definitely encouraged me to observe people in different ways, all of which will enrich the way I write, so it has been very worthwhile even if I never take it any further academically.
My book is being launched on March l0th, appropriately enough World Book Day, so I'm very excited. I have no idea what will happen after that! Possibly a very busy year, possibly nothing.., it's full of possibilities.
So I just wanted to say thank you again, and to wish you good luck with your own life and plans."

With very best wishes,

Paul Nash, College Lecturer.

"Some  ten years ago or more I undertook the Diploma Course in Social Studies. In the intervening years I completed my Masters of Arts Degree with the National University of Ireland and I am now working as a college lecturer in Ireland.

Your program of study was a revelation to me in many ways. The  experience changed my life forever and I am eternally grateful . I hope there are many others with similar stories."

Yours sincerely,
Paul Nash

Julie Delaney,  Newspaper Designer, Marathon Runner.

Hello ,

"I have just received my exam results for the Diploma in Social Studies. I have received Second Class Honours.

I had a wonderful time on the course, and really miss your letters of encouragement - you're a wonderful Tutor and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time, dedication, patience and understanding together with your warm approach and words of encouragement.

I will have to wait for my Diploma to find out the breakdown of the results, I am very happy with the achievement, and I would like to write something on my reasons for doing the exam for your web site in the future.

Thank you again, for your kindness and understanding whilst I took longer than most to complete the course, and especially your words of encouragement in your last communication which got me through the exam."

Yours Sincerely, Julie Delaney

Ray Lynch, Course Teacher.

To my tutor,

"I commenced the Diploma in Social Studies with the IFAE, you were my designated lecturer for the duration of my study. I enjoyed my study with the college enormously and from the course material and excellent feedback from each unit I completed, I built up confidence in assignment writing. From the support I received from you, and the encouragement you gave me to pursue this goal I went on to compete a Diploma in Social Care from UCG and degree from D.I.T. I am continuing on to complete an MA.. I am also working as a course tutor on B.A. in App.Social Studies. I acknowledged your support in my thesis.

The reason I am writing to you is that I want to thank you sincerely for all your positive feedback and the very sound advice.  Prior to my contact with you and your college I would never have had the confidence to pursue the course of study I have done. I hope you and everyone in the college are keeping well."

R Lynch.

Anita Beloiu. Romania, Psychology

"Just recently I was faced with a situation in which I had to answer a certain question that made me realize how important the discipline of Social Studies has become in my life.

The question was somewhat like this: "What was the relevance of your life to date and your educational goals and objectives?"
This was my answer: "I have had very close dealings with foreign languages since I was a child with my father of Italian origin and my mother Romanian. I was sure I was going to persue studying languages in college, which I did for one year. I have developed several hobbies like poetry and photography.

But most of all I discovered the IFAE course in Social Sciences, which furthered my goals and aspirations. It made me realize how important it is to understand and tolerate one another and that if we do not try to understand each other's cultures we will never be able to help people in pain around the world. This is why the discipline of Social Science would be my favorite subject to further study."

Studying the Social Sciences has become one of the goals in my life right now and that is because I have realized not only that I like everything that involves people and the study of society but also because it has opened my mind on many subjects in my life that I used to treat on a common-sense attitude.
I have started to understand many things about people and I stopped thinking with an approach of "they are like that just because their temperament is as such."

After discovering the Social Sciences I realized that we are not born WITH a certain culture, but born WITHIN a certain culture."

Louise O' Gorman, Office Manager, Preschool Teacher.

"The study of Social Studies for me personally has developed my awareness of the world as a set of systems which undergo constant change. It has broadened my views on the world and those around me. I look at people differently, I judge people differently.

I have developed an understanding of myself as an individual, a family member and as part of a community and a wider society. The effect I have on these groups and the now improved effect I have since beginning my journey in Social Studies. I will be returning to work this September as a preschool teacher.

This has only been made possible through the Social Studies Diploma Course, it enabled me to apply and join a Preschool Teacher Course. I have chosen to use the benefits form my course as this career because I want to teach children at this young tender stage of their life the importance of understanding different cultures, discrimination acceptance of others an of course empathy.

It has helped me develop moral principles and moral reasoning. It has given me an understanding of the ideas and beliefs of others. It has given me a stronger ability to communicate with others on a professional and personal level. It has made me aware of local and global problems and issues. It has emphasised that the process of acquiring knowledge and the development of concepts and skills are of a fundamental importance."