Established 1985
International Foundation For Adult Education

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The Necessity For Creativity in 21stCentury Education

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.



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The International Foundation for Adult Education (IFAE) was founded in response to world conflicts and a demand for a new framework for the education of adults. The founders of the International Foundation for Adult Education formulated a vision of the human community based upon the belief that education which encourages dialogue and principles of respect, understanding and tolerance has the power to transform unjust social structures.

The International Foundation for Adult Education envisages an education in which understanding is nurtured alongside academic excellence, compassion is nurtured alongside competence and tolerance is developed in a quest for knowledge. The International Foundation for Adult Education provides platforms in which the love of learning is sewn and where values such as peace, co-existence and kindness are encouraged.

The International Foundation for Adult Education is a vision-based organisation that encourages participation in education which contributes to cultural understanding. We provide encouragement and support to people throughout the world who are promoting cultural understanding in their homes and communities.

From the outset, there has been a great welcome to the concept of IFAE in many 
countries throughout the world, especially in areas where peaceful coexistence has many obstacles.