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The Necessity For Creativity in 21stCentury Education

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.



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Full Time Vacancies

There are currently no-full time vacancies available at the International Foundation for Adult Education.

Part Time Vacancies

Part-time student counsellors are required for six hours per week in the 
following places:

  • Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Bombay (India)
  • Calcutta (India)
  • Lyon (France.)

The role involves assisting the teaching team with the provision of social sciencecourses and child development courses, providing encouragement and support to students, telephone support as well as administrative tasks.

The ideal candidates will have excellent knowledge of the English language, excellent organisational skills, computer skills, professional friendly and caring manner and be self motivated and ideally have experience in the field of counselling and social sciences.

If you are interested please complete an application form, or email:



We Seek:

  • Educational promoters: We currently need volunteers in Africa with leadership skills who will help assemble young mothers in communities for the purpose of encouraging them to education.
    • If you are interested in becoming an educational promoter, please complete an application form.

We also require:

  • Stories and photos of educational initiatives from around the world for
    inclusion in the project  “Worldwide Learning, Inspiring Stories of Initiatives in Education.”   -   (a publication of the International Foundation for Adult Education).

This is open to organisations and individuals to send information. Literacy projects, pre-schools, art, music, craft, adult education, computers, organic farming, peace studies, homeopathy, counselling courses are all welcome.

It is hoped that all of the projects forwarded will be presented either on a full 
presentation of 3 - 8 pages, or as a short presentation including photograph on a one page presentation.  Organisations and individuals should provide contact details, contact person, address, telephone, email, websites for listing.

  • Publications:      
    We seek periodically publications/ essays/ illustrations/photographs and assistance with curriculum development. If the contribution is published, a basic grant assistance will be given for the material.
    • Essential pre-natal care
    • Counselling teenagers
    • Psychology in the workplace
    • How to perform successfully at an interview
    • An Anthropological Approach to family and kinship
    • Conflict Resolution for supervisors
    • Attitudes and Persuasion, an introduction
    • Cultural differences in the care of the elderly
    • Mahatma Gandhi, the father of non-violence
    • Bulimia
    • Stress and human health
    • An introduction to Art Therapy
    • An introduction to Feminist Sociology
    • Stories about acts of heroism in the interest of peace
  • Personal Experiences:
  • We seek personal experiences and reflections on the following issues, these will be published anonymously unless you specifically inform us to quote your name.
    • Experiences of prejudice, personal reflections
    • Voices of women with AIDS, personal reflections
    • Voices of students in higher education, reflections of college life and problems
    • Experiences of Bullying, personal reflections
    • Voices of those coping with the suicide of a loved one
    • Voices of poverty in a affluent world

  • Please forwardany Stories / Photographs / Publications / Essays / Lectures /Reflections that you would like to contribute on these or any Social Scientific area of 
    interest to resources@ifae-institute.org

    General Email Address For Volunteers: